I stumbled upon this very informative quiz (www,checkmyprivilege,com/quiz) to educate me on just how privileged I am exactly. I am an extremely privileged “shitlord” with a score of 175. I shall repent to the lords of tumblr by posting every day that i am a privileged white middle income heterosexual man and that i am ashamed on it or gee, i have no idea how i’ll ever be able to live!

I am disadvantaged xD



*waits 10 years for GOS to download* 


Super Mario! - Created by Luke Mancini
Part of the KKG Artbook sponsored by Gamers for Good.


If there is one thing tumblr has taught me it’s that its 100% okay to generalize and mistreat entire groups of people as long as those people are one of these: cisgender, heterosexual, white, male.

You cishet male scum brony neckbeard fedora wearing fatass. Fuck men, yeaaaaaaaaaah. 

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Dear girls my age,

A man is not a disposable ATM machine. Being a little brat, and making him pay for everything is shitty. Being a gold digger is atrocious, and shameful. Divorcing a man “Just because.”, and then get alimony or the rest of your life is pathetic. Having kids just for child support checks is extremely painful.
Fucking stop it already.


A girl who actually loves and cares about men

Thank you. Bless this post. Bless you.

OP has obviously been hijacked by a feminist cunt. Well they have nothing else to do.

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Anonymous:  Hey porky recommend me some anime!



donitaruga is the one you want regarding this.

Gurren Lagann is pretty good.

I’ve heard good things about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

I like Lucky Star

Angel Beats was a fun watch too.

Someone I follow recommended Mirai Nikki earlier so that might be good.

  • Gantz
  • Durararararararararararararara
  • Texnohlyze or however you write that
  • Ergo Proxy
  • Usagi Drop
  • Gungrave
  • Chuunibyou, I like it, fuck you.
  • NHK
  • Mousou Dairinrin (someone recommended it to me and It’s pretty cool)
  • Madoka Magic (Not really)
  • Jojo 2012
  • Jojo 2014
  • Jojo is life
  • Jojo is all you need
  • read the manga though
  • Hunter x Hunter is alright though I haven’t watched it in a while, the 2011 that is.

I don’t know.

  • Gintama
  • Shingeki No Kyojin
  • History’s Strongest Disciple: Kenichi
  • Hajime No Ippo
  • Seto No hanayome
  • Zero No Tsukaima
  • Baka To Test
  • hataraku-maou-sama 
  • Hokuto No Ken
  • HxH like said above
  • Tokyo Ghoul 
  • A Certain Magical Index